"MultiVisia" - equipment rental

Rent of machines for professional presentation services for your image events - beamers / multimedia projectors, screens and others.

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"MAGGO Solutions" - interactive multimedia solutions

Innovative and customized web-solutions for any product, service, personality. Unique and authentic approach. Handled with pro-care.

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Mandradjiev Consultancy

Consultancy focused on etiquette, protocol, image and policy and strategy formation for success. Problem solving.

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Arists - auction house

Auction house working with all types of artifacts and items as well as services.

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ISIS RentAll - sLTD

Professional unit for rental of specialized equipment, luxurious automobiles and other.

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"Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" National Union

Organizations established for the development of the idea "Treasure the Bulgarian" which is initiated by SVETU.

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"SOFIMUN" - Foundation

International foundation for young leaders which deals on matters of the scope of the UN, EU, NATO and other.
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> Ended sectors:

> > "SvetU Design" - design studio

> > "Multimreja" - internet networks

> > "SvetU Promo" - image agency

> > "Youth Sport" - sports portal

> > "MelomanBG" - music portal

> > Youth Media "SvetU"

> > RIA "Lovech News"

> > "SvetU Party"







UN in Sofia 2008-2015

Initiative that gathered 150 of the world young leaders in Sofia on UN issues.

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Popularizing and informing the society for the activities of the European Parliament and the elections for Bulgarian MEPs.

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Patriotic Wallpapaers

Initiative aimed at popularizing the historical Bulgarian figures and events.

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Wanted: Young Leader

Popularizing the activities and efforts of all those who can be named "a young leader".

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Live for Love

Initiative developed in 2006 due to the love feast of St. Valentines day and started on the Love Bridge in Sofia city.

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The Bulgarian House

The First Bulgarian Internet Campaign. A multimedia product constructed to advertise Bulgaria via internet.

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The European House

Information campaign for the European Union for multimedia products, made because of the accession of Bulgaria to the EU.

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Preserve the Bulgarian

The name and the idea "Preserve the Bulgarian" are made by SVETU in the early 2005 as a name of a nationa initiative for the preservation and treasure of the Bulgarian culture, history and traditions.

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Promotion Bulgaria

Advertisement, promotion and popularization of the abilities for the usage of the logo of Bulgaria. A project of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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George Michael in Bulgaria

We constructed the official webpage for the concert of George Michael in Bulgaria. It is an interesting fact that this is the first webpage for his world tour "25 LIVE".

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Eros Ramazzotti in Bulgaria

Promotion and support by spread of information for the concert which was under the patronage of the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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The initiative organized by National Union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" aims to popularize and construct the unique idea project of arch. Jeko Tilev for the making of Seuthopolis in a remarkable historical, archeological and tourism centre in Bulgaria, part of the world cultural heritage.

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Golden Messembria Festival

Annual festival aimed to support the new Bulgarian pop music organized by production house Edita Group.

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Miss Glory BG contest

This is the first beauty pageant contest which incorporates the unique legendary beauty of the Bulgarian women and the rich and colorful history of the Bulgarian state and nation.

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Momiche Lovech contest

Traditional beauty contest which is under the patronage of Lovech Municipality. Participants are local girls from the region.

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2011 - Model National Parliament - Bulgaria, Sofia

Support for a Model National Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria


2011 - Model United Nations - Moldova, Chisinau

Support for a Model United Nations in Chisinau, Moldova


2011 - Institute of Plant Physiology "Acad. M. Popov"

Support for the Institute


2010 - Trio "Anihora"

Support for talented Bulgarian children


2010 - Camp "GLOW"

Support for Camp Glow - an initiative of the Peace Corp in Bulgaria.


2010 - Interact Club Sofia International at Meridian 22 High-School

Support for the club


2010 - Interact Club Sofia International at Anglo-American School in Sofia

Support for the club


2009 - Model United Nations - Romania, Cluj-Napoca

Support for a Model United Nations in Romania.


2009 - Model United Nations - Bosna & Herzegovina, Mostar

Support for a Model United Nations in Bosna & Herzegovina.


2009 - Rotaract Club Sofia International

Hosting for the website of the Rotaract Club Sofia International.


2009 - Model United Nations - Romania, Bucharest

Support for a Model United Nations in Romania.




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